Dominion Harbor Group, LLC

Protecting Innovation

Individuals and companies spend years bringing ideas to market, often at great expense. Monetizing those innovations is a central strength of Dominion Harbor Group. Dominion Harbor Group has demonstrated expertise in working with entrepreneurs, companies, and universities to license innovations, obtain royalties, manage portfolios, and commercialize research, consistently ensuring maximum value is realized for intellectual property. The firm is well practiced in identifying and properly categorizing different assets within portfolios in order to assemble packages that will maximize licensing opportunities. Dominion Harbor is the leader in bringing the best IP to the market and ensuring the owner sees a fair and equitable return on the significant investment contained in that intellectual property.

Client Services

Dominion Harbor Group offers a variety of services that are targeted at the needs of each individual client. We work with innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs to monetize their intellectual property assets and to protect their corporate assets.

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About Us

Dominion Harbor Group brings together the most experienced team of IP professionals – a team that is focused on the particular needs of its clients.

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Protecting Ideas

Dominion Harbor Group is the leading provider of patent asset protection services.

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